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Visit Our New Site:

Be sure to visit our new site at:

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SAT., OCTOBER 19, 2013, 7:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.


Contest will be held rain or shine.  Fishing will start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m.  ALL ENTRIES MUST BE WEIGHED IN BY 2:00 P.M., NO EXCEPTIONS.

Entry fee is $25.00 per person.  Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded based on the weight of the blackfish recorded for each contestant. The largest fish for each angler will be recorded.   One prize per angler.

Registration will be held on Friday, October 18th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at the GBYC, or on Saturday, October 19th, from 6:30 – 7:00 a.m.   All fees will be collected at registration.

For more details, click here.

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Commodore’s Corner – Late Summer 2013

Fellow Members,

We have lot’s going on. Here’s a recap!


The gangway and marina rebuild project has been completed and was brought in under budget, with a surplus. The professional work done by P/C Mike Curly, Steve Rosa and Jeff Thompson is most appreciated. Thanks to each of them and all the members who participated on this project.

Rich Malloy, George Dey and Kevin Keagan have been working diligently at changing and rebuilding our website. It will be fully operational in October but to get a preview, go to www.GBYC.US.


July: We had a great turnout for family night, which proved to be a success. Many thanks to the galley crew for all the hard work, especially V/C Kim Bruce.

August: Annual Bluefish Derby

- Congrats to:

Men                                   Women                                      Kids

1st Scott Benedict        1st – Valerie Thompsen        1st – Jack O’Connor

2nd-Dick Adinis             2nd – Patty Kochan               2nd – Max Lagano

3rd-Chris Lagano          3rd – Eliona                               3rd – Kai Thompsen


September: Annual Clambake was another huge success.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the food superb. The menu followed the traditional course: raw bar, clam chowder, surf and turf. What a great way to welcome fall!

New Members:

We welcome our newest members that joined this summer: August Chimblo, Richard Clark, George Flouty, Kristen Paradise, Lawrence Sterne, Mike Van Oss, Gloria Wadsworth, and Marla Weston.  Please welcome them when you see them…


The RTM voted down the addendum to the lease renewals and passed the harbor management plan — A significant win for GBYC and the town.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! As KO has mentioned several times, the club management is all volunteers. We do not have paid staff to clean up after family barbeques. Please make sure you bring all your trash to the dumpster and that you turn off the grills when done cooking. We have placed timers on the backside of the grill; just turn the black dial to one, two or three hours. When you are done cooking, make sure you turn off the grills.

The Officers and Trustees put a great deal of time into the management of the club. We are always striving to improve and look to the members for your continued support. Next time you see one of the board members, give a thank you.

For those who were not present at commissioning, below is a brief history of the club that Brian O’Donnell presented on the 75 years of GBYC:


Greenwich Boat & Yacht Club 1938-2013:
75-year history

Brian O’Donnell, Club Historian


A lot of things happened in 1938…

The hurricane of 38 all but wiped out the Connecticut shore.

It was the worst hurricane on record.

Superman was born…. GBYC was born…. and so was Brian O’Donnell, our historian.

Our first Commodore was Judge J. Gerald Tobin 1938 to 1941.

We’ve had 40 Commodores; two of them were firemen, four cops, one judge, one doctor, two lawyers and the rest were… normal people.

The club started on Grass Island with 45 members dues were $1 a year and a two-dollar initiation fee, which was waived for the original members.

The clubhouse was built in 1955, the addition was built in 1985.  Per Thompson got all the permits and was the head carpenter.

The Marina was built.  The dredging, docks pile driving, stone bulkheads were all completed in 1970. The docks and piling driving was done by Charlie Mower win for $65,000 that’s when the club floated its first bonds.

Our docks have been replaced a couple of times and our main walkway has lasted 42 years which we have just replaced thanks to hurricane Sandy.

We’ve also just replaced our stone bulkhead with 100 tons of rocks.

All of this work and major construction since 1938 has been done at no cost to the town of Greenwich…. it was all done by the members.

This club exist because of the thousands of hours donated by the painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, gardeners and laborers…. all of them members of our club and all with their financial support.

And lastly all of this at no cost to the town of Greenwich.

Today GBYC has approximately 350 members and continues to grow.

And here’s a note from one of our own members: 

Dear Mom and Dad, Please pass this on.

Greetings to Greenwich Boat and Yacht Club,

Remember me, little Scotty Crabtree? Well, I am just finishing up my Junior year at SUNY Maritime College. We have been at sea for sixty of our ninety-day ocean voyage. We left New York on May 6th and sailed to New Orleans, Newfoundland, the Azores, Dublin then south past the Rock of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean to Italy. On May 9th, my 21st birthday, I was called to the bridge of our ship the Empire a 560 foot trawler. To my surprise the Admiral and the Captain instructed me to take the helm and pilot the ship into port for docking! Boy was I nervous! With the Admiral and Captain looking on, I saluted and stepped to the helm. As I wiped the sweat from my forehead, I could hear all of your voices talking to me. I was remembering the boating knowledge and advise that so many of you shared with me over the years growing up at GBYC. I took command and gave my first orders. I successfully navigated the ship into port. I am on shore leave for a few days enjoying the Italian sun and wonderful food so I thought I would drop you a line. Thank you all for inspiring me to achieve this goal and live my dream. I hope to see you at the annual clambake so we can share some adventures together.

Your Mate,

Scott Anthony Crabtree   

 Isn’t this great!

 See you at the club,

Dr. Ray


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Commodore’s Corner – Summer 2013

Happy Summer!

The 75th Commissioning is now in the archive. It rained but that did not stop our members from having a great time. The food was the best we have ever had with great service. Thank you, Tony Longo. It was a great Day for GBYC. We had proclamations from the Governor, declaring it “GBYC Week” in the state of Connecticut. We also had one from State Senator Scott Franz and State Representative Steve Walko, as well as one from First Selectman Peter Tesei, each of them saying a few words about how great our club is and how important it is to the Town of Greenwich.

There are a lot of people to thank for making our 75th Commissioning so successful, let me highlight the key people, V/C Kim Bruce, Marianne Crabtree, Kevin Kegan (Beautiful Flowers), and Kevin O’Connor(the grounds looked beautiful). Thank you to everyone.

A hastily called work party made a good dent in the repairs in the marina. Thanks, Steve Rosa, for organizing and getting supplies. The trench group led by Frank Carmoszy unearthed 50 feet of pipes so that they could be replaced by Frank and his crew. Frank, Harry and KO did an amazing job repiping and replumbing all the grills and replacing broken parts. They are a big part of the club life. Thanks guys for bringing them back. Alternate grills are set up until our in ground grill system is complete and inspected by the Town.

Family night is coming up quickly on July 10th at 7 PM. Please join us for a great evening. Unfortunately, Mianus River Boat & Yacht Club had their clambake the same night as our pig roast so we had to postpone that till later in the summer.

The club is fully in commission, so come down and enjoy the best gem on the sound.

See you at the club,

Dr. Ray

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Gordon C. MacDonald

September 27, 1928 – May 2, 2013Gordon Macdonald - 215 px

Until fairly recently, Gordon’s sailboat was a familiar site on the South Dock. For a number of years he served as Trustee for the Club. He was a good friend to many, and had a smile for everyone. He will be missed.

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Commodore’s Corner – May

Happy 75th Anniversary GBYC!

Commissioning is only a couple of days away and after two very successful work parties, the club is looking great; even with the construction. I want to personally thank the flag officers and trustees for overseeing everything that needed to be done at the work parties and all our members who helped. It was a fun day! If you could not make it to the work party please contact R/C Steve Rosa for assignments.

The seawall is completed, and the marina is open for the season although construction is still underway. P/C Mike Curley has found a way to make it all work. No water for another week but good progress is being made thanks to Steve Rosa & Jeff Thompson. Thanks guys.

The web site is being revised and is taking shape. It will enable members to sign up for events, pay dues and a hoist of other benefits.

You will be getting reminders about commissioning so sign up before it gets sold out. It’s the best deal in town, a complete dinner dance with hors d’oeuvres and open bar for $60. Please join us and be part of the 75th anniversary party.

We are always looking for feedback to improve the club, make it more fun and pleasurable for you so let us know what you would like to see more or less of.

See you at the club,

Dr. Ray

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Commodore’s Corner – April

Commodore’s Corner – April 2013

Happy Spring!

It has arrived and so has the Hanson crew to start the marina rebuild. What a delightful sight, to see the barge and the work commencing. The seawall is almost complete. The DeLuca team has done an amazing job, and the new look of the wall and our south lawn (soil for now) is moving along quickly. A big thank you to F/C George Hannigan for finding the rocks and facilitating the deliveries and many thanks to Mike Curley for spearheading the project.

If you have been away from the club, you missed some great events. At the beginning of March, we held Italian night. My wife Susan made homemade “Sunday” gravy, with the help of my daughter Kristen. Sous Chef Vinny Hacket made the evening go smoothly and was a huge help and Master carpenter Steve Rosa was thoughtful to make a platform so Susan could reach the top of the stove and the four “huge” pots of gravy.  Thanks to new members Vicki & Rich Shapiro for volunteering at their first event, helping out Marianne Crabtree with the finishing touches of the set-up.  Of course Marianne makes it seem all too easy, along with the remarkable planning and execution from V/C Kim Bruce.

For our St. Patrick’s Day party we had 250 enthusiastic “Irish for the day” attendees. What a great day with TONS of help. Thank you: Kim Bruce, Steve Rosa, Vinnie Hackett, Scott Benedict, Margarete Catalano, Per Thompson, Jayne McTeigue, Doug Masi, Myra & Martin Waine, George Dey, Susan Griffin, Kevin O’Connor, Marianne Crabtree, Kevin Kegan, Betty Shopovick, Leslie Napoleon, Rich Shaprio, Barbara Bruno, Stephanie Ewen, Joe Hilva, Tom Zawatski, Mary Zawatski, Mary Ann Mullen & Bill Sherwood. If I missed anyone please let me know and thank you.

The O & T’s are busy finalizing plans for Commissioning on May 18th.  We will also celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the club with a dinner dance and other happenings that are special to that day. This will be a great evening so be sure to “hold the date” on your calendar and join your fellow members for a night that will be remembered for years to come.

The Work Party is April 13th  beginning at 8 am.  As many of you know, this is a day where the volunteers make a difference.  The club requires repairs and upkeep after the long winter season and especially this past year with super storm Sandy.  Everyone appreciates when the grounds are well manicured and the clubhouse looks polished.  If we want to keep our dues low, we need all members to come out and give a hand. There is always plenty of work and it’s a great way to spend the day.  Join us and be part of the effort.  I guarantee, your hard work will be appreciated!

Dr. Ray


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Important Schedule Update

Calendar Changes for April


Please note the following important changes:

Slipholders meeting: Thursday, April 4th at 8 pm

Spring Work Party: Saturday, April 13th at 8 am sharp

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Town Thanks Club

ThankYouFromTown-Mar2013--250pxTown Marine & Facilities Operations Division Thanks Club

The Greenwich Marine & Facilities Operations Division thanked the Greenwich Boat & Yacht Club for hosting the division’s Christmas part last December. In a gracious thank-you letter, Captain Hank Walsh of MFO said the partygoers particularly liked the club’s picturesque view of the harbor. “After spending a year working on the water,” wrote Walsh, ” we appreciate the opportunity to sit down with good food and coworkers for a few hours and enjoy the view for a change.”

Click here to see letter.

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March Meeting

March Members Meeting

Wednesday Evening,  March 13th,  8 pm

See the Agenda for this meeting and the Minutes for previous meetings on the Minutes page of the Members-Only section.

Social Hour after the Meeting — Food and drinks will be served.

Please try to make it.

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